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Friday, June 26, 2009

If you are in a new place what do you want to look at?

If you are in a new place what do you want to look at?
What do you feel when you've seen a beautiful scene?
Everytime I am in a new place I usually look at a beautiful scene. This picture was taken in a stolen shot. Its all green and beautiful. What made me said its beautiful? Because its very natural. The green color is very eye catching and symbolizes that trees are growing so well.
Its a mixed feeling when I've seen a natural scene because I get to soul search with the happenings of my life. Memories pops up. The happy memories and the trying moments. The happy memories which includes the family bonding and outing friends while the trying moments those times that I am down.
I just love to soulsearch (hahaha)
I hope you do the same way...


DuLCe said...

irish ikaw ni? wala man lagi tong feedjit..yati..

hheh soul search kaau ka ha..

matalinghaga kaau imung pag ka write.. lalum kaau bah.. adto ug dwntwn run?

nyahahaha.. sulat pa ugma ha..


DuLCe said...

irish, tulo diay imung gihimu na blogs? - ang feedjit bah diri nimu gibutang - mao ni ang number 1 nimu na blog? and feedjit diay diri ibutang kay naa diri imung article...

DuLCe said...

nag follow ko sa imung log.. heheheh :)

narutochen said...

oist.. hi.. mao lang..


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