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Friday, July 24, 2009

Baguio City: Palm Grove Hot Springs and Mountain Resort

A one day trip in Baguio City? Don't miss the adventure and fun going to Palm Grove Hot Springs and Mountain Resort. It is situated in Asin, Nangalisan Tuba, Benguet.

What to expect in Palm Grove Hot Springs and Mountain Resort?Your eyes will enjoy looking the green environment and have a peace of mind. Your body will be relax with the hot spring pool and enjoy swimming. Is swimming in hot spring really good for our health? Yes, these are the benefits of swimming in hot spring. First, the water is curative for rheumatism. Secondly, it can improve the blood circulation in our body and provides relaxation therapy in our muscles. Thirdly, it provides relief in skin disorders like rashes.

What you can do in Palm Grove Hot Springs?
If swimming isn't enough for you, then Bath House Spa is a good place to stay. The Recreation Center is the best place to bond with your children. Upper Picnic Shed is an overlooking place that you'll get to see nature. The Coffee Shop is available for those who are coffee-drinker.

Definitely you'll love Palm Grove Hot Spring spot because of its cool place surrrounded with trees. The experience is really worth remembering. It's up for you guys to experience the beauty of Palm Grove Hot Springs and Mountain Resort. Have Fun Guys.


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