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Saturday, August 29, 2009

BER month

BER months: A long months to hear those christmas carol.

BER month is fast approaching, a sign for Christmas season and the start of hearing christmas carols. I am just so excited and happy to hear those melodious christmas carols in the town. Christmas carols are really pleasant to hear at and the lyrics are so meaningful that talks about the birth of Jesus. No doubt christmas carol is really a favorite of children and adult as well because everybody can easily hum the tune. I could vividly remember that most of the radio staion plays christmas carol at dawn.
How do you feel when you hear such christmas carols?
Everytime I heared of christmas carols, I felt relieved and its a therapeutic for me because it lightens my day and worries just fade away.
A song that is religious, solemn yet romantic....

NOTE: I'm going to feature in my blog those chrismas carol as soon as the BER month start.


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