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Friday, July 30, 2010

Gardena Fresca

Looking for a place to dine which is close to nature, serve yummy dishes and with serenading ambiance?

For all food trippers, I would recommend Gardena Fresca as one of the best restaurant to visit on which is located in Coca Cola Village, Davao City. The landmark is the Jetti Gasoline station.

They served delicious dishes yet the prices were so much affordable. It would be better if you will visit in group since you can share the expenses.

The service was really great. The staffs were good as well the two men serenading the diners and that would be a good strategy to attract more diners to come since anybody can request a love song.


may said...

i'l visit the place soon

Anonymous said...

iv been in that place. the foods they serve is very yummy.


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