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Friday, August 20, 2010

Simple ways to release stress

After a stressful month, I had my time to write some blogs in here. How do I asses myself if I am in a stressful situation? 

First, my eye bag is very obvious. Second, I couldn’t afford to laugh in simple jokes that my colleagues strike. Third, I easily get mad to simple things. Fourth, I can sleep in the jeep upon going home.

These are the simple way to release the stress.

First, spend time in sleeping since this is the best way to recharge and regain your strength. Second, find a quiet restaurant that is close to nature and order the food you like. Third, just have a moment of yourself and recollect all the wonderful thoughts and wonderful event in your life. Fourth, go to a videoke bar and sing all your favorite songs. Fifth, pray to God that despite the stressful moment still God is with you. God give that moment for you to become strong and be close to Him

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

tnx for sharing ur thoughts in eliminating the stress in life


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