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Saturday, September 18, 2010

No quitting


Thanks to the one who post this video as it inspires me of not quitting in the middle of my Life’s Journey. 

Life now is been so tough. I have plans but it doesn’t come in my own way. The road I am taking is very steep to the point that I am almost falling in that road. The 30th pay is far yet I am almost out of my budget. I really want to grab my time to rest but too much pressure is on my side. Life has its zig and zag.  Every zig can cause happiness and zag can cause sadness. Sometimes I learned in the hard way as failure comes in my way and I exerted too much effort yet it is just futile. 

But above all, this video inspires me not to quit in my Life's Journey. Not to give up even if the pace seems slow as the wind gives another blow. You can turn failure into success if you learned from it. When in doubtful days, just pray to God as he is the giver of strength and stick to the fight where you are in the hardest hit.

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kim said...

we're on the same predicament. but as long as I STILL WAKE up in the morning, i do believe with all my heart and soul that SOMETHING good will happen, maybe not today, but tomorrow or even the day after that..


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