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Monday, December 6, 2010

God's Love Letter

How do you feel when you receive a love letter from your friend, family or lover? For sure you will get excited to read the message. Today, God is sending a love letter to you. Discover God’s love in his word. God’s letter is waiting for you.

It was written there that God is the greatest encourager, God comforts you in all your troubles so let’s get hold of him all the time. 
Be inspired and ponder the message. 


ALBERT said...

I appreciate your blog so much
you have a unique theme in your blog
and that will always inspire me

Hope you continue to blog this kind of thing- for all those people which will be inspire and be happy in going in your site

Godbless my friend
Stay safe

Sean Grey Hanson said...

My heart skipped. Thank you so much for sharing this. i hope everybody gets to read this!!

Emzkie said...

thank u for sharing this video. =)


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