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Friday, January 21, 2011

Fast Forward

I want to fast forward the time so that my contract will expire and I will be free from stress. Working in a private institution is not easy it’s because they will squeeze your limits. Indeed, in a working place there are some difficult people to deal on but I don’t care as long as they will not talk behind my back.

However, it taught me many lessons in life.  I must see the positive side of this experience. The friends that I gain, the kind of students I met and it made me stronger.


kim said...

hmmm.. it's kind of sad to learn that you're not enjoying your current work.. don't worry, surely things will get better soon..

Faye said...

i wanted to hold time if i could.i've many things to be done but time flies so fast that i cannot finish my work in the scheduled day.
everything will be ok. just wait for the right time... a little patience.


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