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Saturday, June 11, 2011

How to get Student Permit License?

Getting a student permit license is so easy. Just visit the LTO office.

There are four steps to follow in getting a license. No worries since you can ask the guard who is on duty.

Step 1: CSR/ Evaluator - there is a guard who is assign to give the LTO form; all you need was to fill in the form afterwards submit the filled in form to the evaluator together with the photocopy of your birth certificate.

Step 2: Verification Photo/ Signature – Wait for your name to be called to proceed to Step 2 for your photo shoot and signature.

Step 3: Cashier- the guard will call your name for your payment and keep the receipt with you.

Step 4: Releasing of the license - Still the guard will call your name before you’re going to get your license.

1 comment:

Happiness said...

Here is the US is not that easy because you have to pass a written test and the actual driving test.


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