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Monday, January 23, 2012

Questions to ask if you are planning to have dental braces

My friend and I have a bad experience with our dentist. In order to avoid conflict to your dentist you should have ask this questions first before planning for braces.

1. What is the mode of the payment? For instance, Pay every visit for adjustment or pay monthly even if there’s no adjustment that happens.

2. How long are you going to have braces? The longer the years that your wear it the better.

3. In the receipt, let the secretary or the dentist place the remaining balance.

4. Is the cleaning for free?

5. Is there any payment if the brace was detached?

1 comment:

Michael said...

Mmm, I have to disagree with number 2. The longer the better? That's actually dependent on the state of your teeth, but a good orthodontics can make it happen in a shorter time. It maybe is fun wearing different colored rubbers, but sometimes it gets uncomfortable too. I still have my braces, but my sungki was corrected in like 3 months. I got a year to go but I think my teeth is looking better than it was a year ago.

If you're in Ortigas, try my dentist. They are affordable, state of the art and the dentists are really cool. Down-payment is not that expensive, you pay your dues when you visit them but only just once a month. If your dentist asks you to come back after a week, that's free. And tooth extraction and cleaning are absolutely free.

And oh, they orient you before doing anything -- like they explain why they need to do stuff with your mouth.


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