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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Explorer Travel Tips

Explorer Travel Tips

If your in an adventure never failed to ask for a map 'coz this will help you locate the name of the place and where you are at the moment. The map is really a great help for you to go to the places where you want to visit in.

If your confused about the place, then thats the time that your going to ask a police or any public officer. Don't just ask to anybody, they might give you wrong information about the place.

As a traveler it is very important that you keep bottled water with you since water keep the body hydrated and if you are on hiking or walking it is much important to stay hydrated 'coz this give you an energy. Don't just drink water anywhere, make it sure that the water is clean.

Hungry? While walking or sitting you can freely bite your crackers. This can beat the discomfort of your stomach. Don't wait for the time that your very hungry.

Do you love taking photos while traveling? Camera is meant for you. When traveling, don't ever forget your camera. Camera makes the trip more memorable 'coz it captures the moment. Just make sure that you have enough battery and memory card to shoot the beautiful scene. Make some photo shoot of yourself.


The Leaves of Tarkong said...

i so love to travel. :)

Kristin Joy said...

Thanks for the tips!! All those things are essential for a traveler!! I got a best vacation package from Orbitz... Those tips will help me!!

Ishmael Fischer Ahab said...

Nice...I usually do all of your suggestion during my trips, especially the second one.

When asking for directions, it is better to chose credible persons like police officers and security guards. I always chose this people because if they intend to trick me maliciously, I can always leave a complaint to their boss.

乾煎白鯧Sam said...

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