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Friday, December 25, 2009



Feast your eyes in wonderful spot of Macau 'coz its truly a great place to visit. There are a lot of tourist spots in the place like The Venetian Hotel, City of Dreams, Ruins of St. Paul and a lot more.

I first saw The Venetian Hotel in a Korean show entitled Boys Over Flowers that featured these hotel. The Venetian Hotel is really amazing and huge hotel I've ever seen. The whole structure was fully decorated from ceiling down to the walkways in a very artistic designed. There are a lot of things that you can do like shopping, food trips and strolling. Just by strolling and looking the structure keep your eyes wide open and makes your day a great day. It absolutely doubles your great day when you hear the gondoliers sing a very romantic song in Grand Canal.

The City of Dreams offers a variety of delectable foods that makes your mouth watery, wide options for shopping, Casino, bars and cafes.

The Ruins of St. Paul is the renowned tourist spot of Macau. As what I have read about the Ruins of St. Paul, it was 1835 that a fire burned it and leaving only the facade and grand staircase.

During your adventure in Macau, you can have a Filipino tour guide that can tour you around the place to save time hopping from one place to another.

Have Fun and Explore the rest of Macau.

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