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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Side efffects of lack of sleep

This week, I am starting to experience lack of sleep due to meeting of deadlines, bombarded with unending paper works to do. If one paper is halfway done, another paper works to do. (huhuhu) I hate this experience.
I know that sleep is very vital for us. This is a way of recharging ourselves from a very tiring day and in order for our brain to function well.
I am not used to sleep very late since my orientation is early to Bed; early to Rise. Every time I sleep late, the following morning I tend to be very sleepy during that day. I feel of being unproductive and my brain couldn’t think well.
I had read this article regarding the side effects of lack of sleep and I realized that I need to have a “To Do List” so that I will not suffer from lack of sleep.

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blue said...

i have added your link, please put back my lin on yor blog, thanks


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