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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Vinegar as cleaning solution

Looking for a cheap cleaning solution that can be found in your kitchen?

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That’s Vinegar! Vinegar is not only use for cooking purposes yet it can be use for cleaning. Never mind the smell it will just dissipate.
These are the benefits of the vinegar:
First, I used vinegar as a cleaning solution in order to eliminate bad odor in my clothes since I do sweat a lot especially in a hot environment. Second, It can be used to eliminate athlete’s foot. Here’s how to do it. Just soaked your feet with the vinegar and add a little warm of water for 5 minutes before using close shoes. Third, it can absorb unpleasant smell in a close room. Just put vinegar in a bowl then place it at the center so that the unpleasant smell will be absorbed by the vinegar.
These are proven by me.
It’s a cleaning solution that’s very easy to use and very safe.


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