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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Have courage to every trials that you encounter


This video was all about COURAGE. 

If you have courage you will say “I will try again tomorrow.” However if you don’t have courage the easiest thing you can to is to give up. To have courage you need to change your thinking or mindset and how you respond to every trial. Always look on the brighter side of each problem for you to carry it lightly. 

Honestly, it’s been so hard to have courage if you are in the hardest situation. It came to a point where I really want to give in and surrender it to God. Since I believe that I cannot handle the situation anymore. But God is so good because He is always there to catch me every time I fall down. 

I was really inspired by this message.


Emzkie said...

thank u for this! life is not easy.. as long as we have God in our heart we can make it through allright.

ALBERT said...

Nice youtube Hope it will inspire more people
Can it be shared in facebook?

Godbless friend


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