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Friday, October 29, 2010

Postive attitude towards Life


This video was presented by our boss during the time when our work was getting tougher. Most of us were tired and about to give in. She asks are we the carrot?  Egg? Or the coffee bean?

The three serves as the metaphor of how we respond to every problem that we encounter.

According to the message, life is not always comfortable and easy. Sometimes life is very hard. However, God is after on how we face with such difficulties. Sometimes people become carrot that is so strong yet become weak and lose hope.  Sometimes people become egg that has soft-heart yet become hard-hearted to others. Above all, people should be like the coffee bean who overcomes problems in life. Let us all have a positive attitude to each circumstances that we encounter. Always learn from the problems.

To end, Difficulties and Problems must be handle with care!


ALBERT said...

That is very true- sometimes it's all the way we view things. So much time are wasted in negative emotions that we forget the things that really counts. Nice blog i'll link you Godbless always

Sean Grey Hanson said...

Nice insights! Positive attitudes is the key to happiness and success..


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