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Friday, April 15, 2011

Nursing Scrubs

My sister offered me to take up care giving course and I grabbed this opportunity since it was related with my previous course. I had a clinical instructor who always wears different nursing scrubs. Wearing such colorful nursing scrubs can delight the day and very eye catching to me rather than wearing the typical white nursing scrub.  Since she was not working in the hospital, then she has more freedom to mix and match the scrub tops and scrub pants. Oh! I can still recall the moment she left in the school since her family was already in Los Angeles and it’s her time to follow them, she left each of her students a scrub tops that we like. I could say how thoughtful my teacher was and we were all happy of her remembrance. It shows value of thoughtfulness and giving.  As she handed the gift for us, my classmates and I were asking where can we purchase cheap scrubs  as I checked the link that she recommended, indeed the pricing was very affordable to my budget and I was so happy because I ordered my favorite scrub tops.

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