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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Keeping in touch with God

I had read a very inspiring quote that made me realize something which I was not used to it.

Sometimes God seems to be quiet…

He seems to be absent and never listens…

We call Him but never answers…

We ask Him for help but He never rescues…

I ask myself, why God? In my deepest trouble You were not with me?

God smiled & told me, I never left You, I just want to watch you fighting, using my words that are stored in your heart and mind as your weapon..

I’ll always be with you, just... Be with Me always

I was reflecting upon the message and to be honest I just memorize a very few verse, that is “Man cannot hit on the right time to act.” From then on, I read bible as much as possible. I picked some bible verses and wrote it in a piece of paper and roll it. I begin my day by picking a bible verse that I made and it helps a lot.


Sam D. said...

I admire you for being so religious and I envy you can read the bible constantly. I'm the same way as you do before but since I came here it's so difficult for me to have a spare time to read it. But reading your post it's like I am reading the bible already. Thanks for the nice post.

eden said...

Thank you for sharing this inspiring quote. I don't read the Bible very often.

thank you for your visit

Irish said...

@ Sam: hehe. I am not so religious but I want to read his Love letters.

@ Eden: Same here. I read bible very often but I want to read as much as possible.


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